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Expert Social Media Marketing Services

Primefunnel's social media marketing services can help your business increase its website traffic, strengthen customer relationships and engagement, and cultivate brand awareness. Here's how we do it.

Brand Development

Primefunnel offers the kind of social media account management services that keep your brand in front of the right audiences. We use audience customization tools to reach your target customers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And by presenting those audiences with engaging content, we make sure that your messages get noticed.

Customer Relationships

The age of the passive consumer is dead. Today’s buyers expect to engage and dialogue with brands, and that’s exactly what our social media marketing services packages do. We design your campaigns with participation in mind, whether that means interactive posts or highly shareable content.

Website Traffic

The more traffic you have to your website, the more leads you can capture. Your odds are best if you market to people who are interested in what you have to sell, and that’s what we do with our social media marketing management services. We target your messages so you pay to reach only high-potential prospects with the demographic profile of your choice.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is still the broadest-reaching social media platform, with 2.1 billion daily users spending an average of almost an hour per day on the site. As Facebook Blueprint Certified professionals, we know how to get the most out of the platform’s many tools for ad design, message placement, and audience customization.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram is becoming a real contender in the world of social media marketing. It gets 1 billion users each month, behind only Facebook and YouTube. It’s the most popular platform among teen audiences and has a hold on the under-35 market as well. If you’re looking to engage this demographic, call us and find out how we can use Instagram to get you there.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

If you provide B2B services or engage with professionals in the B2C space, you need to be on LinkedIn. User behavior is different on this platform. Visitors go there specifically to look for information and move their businesses or careers forward. They’re a captive audience, and there are more of them every year. This is where you’ll find the decision-makers that can become your buyers—and we know how to reach them.

Why Choose Us

1. Customized services, whatever your company’s size

We provide social media marketing services for small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. By targeting our strategy to your business goals, we get the results you want.

2. Targeted leads, based on your goals

As professional social media marketing service providers, we know how to find the right audiences for you. We keep those audiences in mind as we create content that drives people to your site.

3. A one-stop shop for digital marketing

We provide not only social media marketing services but also content, email, and pay-per-click marketing as well as web design and development. Get all of your digital marketing from one single, authoritative source.

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