Small business marketing & advertising strategies

Small business marketing

Here are 10 different marketing strategies which have a proven track record for both small and medium companies.

Half of these options can be implemented successfully regardless of what type of business you are in. The most important question is which one to focus on and which one will be the most profitable for your company.

Continue reading to find out how you can implement these strategies to get more leads and customers!

Table of contents

  1. Market research & setting business goals.
  2. How creating a marketing plan can guarantee you will grow your business?
  3. Advertising your company products and services.
  4. What is search engine optimization and why it is important?
  5. Why is social media is important for sustained business growth?
  6. How email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage your audience.
  7. Is content marketing the right strategy for your company?
  8. Should you use video marketing to promote your business.
  9. How to use text message marketing in your business.
  10. How to find the best marketing agency to work with?

Do market research & set goals


The most important factors to consider before setting digital marketing goals are:

  • What will be your annual Return On Advertising Spend?
  • Which implementation will generate the biggest return? With a constrained marketing budget, it is often more beneficial to focus on just a couple of strategies such as paid advertising and search engine optimization.

Research should be performed by a competent business analyst before implementing any of these strategies. This can be simply done by asking for a price quote from five digital marketing agencies.

Asking for price quotes is completely free and it will allow you to get an estimation of how much certain services will cost and how much is their potential return on investment (ROI).

Set Goals

First, get clear on what is that you want to accomplish with your marketing campaigns. And how they will help your overall business goals.

Let’s assume your goals are:

  • Start advertising your business and services with Google Ads.
  • Start advertising your business and services with Facebook Ads.
  • Create a search engine optimization strategy for your local business.

Your digital marketing goals should be measurable. So your marketing plan should include key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Advertising costs Google and Facebook. You will see how much you spend on ads.
  • Website visitors from organic search traffic, paid ads & social media platforms.
  • How many leads you acquired. It’s important to identify how many inquiries turn into real paying customers.
  • How many new customers you acquired from each marketing channel.

Specific measurable goals allow you to focus on the most important objectives. It is also much easier to track, measure and evaluate how effective certain strategies are.

Example number one:

Let’s assume you are spending $5000 per month on Google ads. And you know that one customer on average brings you $500. This means if you will bring +10 more customers each month you will break-even. From that point, you can start optimizing other aspects of your strategy to turn it into a profitable revenue stream.

Example number two:

Let’s assume you have a $3000 per month SEO retainer with an SEO agency. This means you only need to acquire 6x $500 new customers every month to break-even.

Whether a campaign will is profitable for you can be seen in your agencies monthly reports.

Marketing plan for small businesses

An example of a marketing plan for small business should include all the necessary key performance indicators:

  • How much you spend on advertising.
  • How much revenue you generate from advertising.
  • How much you spend on search engine optimization.
  • How much revenue you are generating from search engine optimization.
  • How many new leads you acquire from each marketing channel.
  • How many new customers you acquire from each marketing channel.

Keep in mind that best marketing plans for small businesses help you map out a profitable action plan and move you towards your goals.

Here is a basic Marketing plan outline & sample for small businesses:

  • A marketing strategy which will show how your marketing plan will support your business goals.
  • A mission statement on what you want to accomplish.
  • The target market will identify who you want to reach with your marketing.
  • Competitive analysis will identify who is doing better than you or who you will compete against.
  • Unique selling proposition to set you apart from all of your competitors.
  • Pricing strategy and revenue projections to understand whether you will be profitable.
  • The promotional plan will lay out methods to reach your target market.
  • Marketing budget will show you how much you can spend and on what?
  • Action list will be your to-do. What needs to be done to achieve your goals.
  • Metrics and key performance indicators will show you whether you are on track and how well you are doing.

There are countless of free marketing plan samples for small businesses online. You need to execute well. We at Primefunnel can help you get more clients and leads, get in touch today!

Small business advertising

Google ads for small business


Google ads for small businesses is one of the fastest ways to acquire new customers for your services. SMB advertising campaigns can be set up and managed by a small business advertising agency.

Average advertising costs for small businesses are between $9,000 – $10,000 per month. Small business advertising costs are justified by the expected revenue they will generate. You can see your return on advertising spend from a monthly report if you are working with an agency.

Direct response Google advertising for small businesses is one of the quickest ways to get more clients and leads for B2C companies.

We at Primefunnel offer PPC management services for small and medium companies. If you need help with managing your campaigns or you are interested to increase their performance. Feel free to contact us.

Facebook for small business

Facebook Ads

Millions of businesses advertise on Facebook. Facebook has one of the best demographic targeting options in the industry. If your direct response marketing strategy will produce a positive ROI on Facebook. Then it is a good platform to acquire new customers and scale your business.

Creating Facebook ads is quite easy. All you need is a headline, some description and somewhere to send the visitor. On the other hand, Facebook marketing for small business is difficult.

Creating profitable Facebook ads for small business requires strategic planning, conversion rate optimization, and constant split-testing. In most cases, this is only required when your budgets exceed $1000 per month.

Facebook advertising for small business functions as a good branding and a direct response marketing strategy. If you decide Facebook is the right channel for your company, I’d recommend getting 5 price quotes from digital marketing agencies to see how much it would cost to set up all the preliminary conversion tracking and automatic performance reporting.

If you are uncertain whether Facebook ads work for small businesses like yours. Feel free to contact us and ask for a strategy session.

LinkedIn for small business marketing

Linkedin Ads

Linkedin is the biggest business orientated social media platform which is often under-utilized. Linkedin ads can be used to generate B2B leads very effectively. This is an advertising platform to keep in mind, as it is growing every day.

We have created Lead generation form campaigns for our clients. LinkedIn can possibly be a good channel for your business. To find out whether you can get more clients and leads with LinkedIn feel free to contact us.

Small business SEO services

Local SEO

One of the most profitable methods to generate more traffic for your website is search engine optimization. The truth is that affordable SEO services for small businesses won’t ever get you to page one in the search engines for any competitive keyword. The best SEO company will set your expectations correctly and offer you small business SEO services that will help you achieve the desired results that are within your budget and reach.

Best SEO companies for small businesses want to partner only with clients who understand the nature of the service and are patient. SEO packages for small businesses, in that case, can range from $3000 per month and higher. The price is derived from the amount of work that needs to be performed.

Affordable SEO for small business means doing search engine optimization yourself or have an in-house marketing manager. In most cases, this is not a good choice because your in-house marketing specialist might not be up to the task.

A small business SEO company will generally offer a standard solution such as on-page & off-page search engine optimization, Technical SEO, Local SEO for Google my business and some citation building. This can be enough SEO for a small business website but when it comes to more competitive search terms, it won’t be enough to reach Page #1 in Google.

For this reason, we at Primefunnel do not offer low-cost SEO services for small businesses. We want to get results for our clients. If you don’t have the budget to hire a quality SEO company.

Ask for a free audit from some reputable SEO company. The audit itself gives enough small business SEO tips such as:

  • How to do on-Page SEO.
  • How to do technical SEO.
  • How to do off-Page SEO.
  • How to do local SEO & Google maps optimization.

You can also hire a small business SEO consultant to explain everything and form a strategy. Which you can outsource to freelancers.

Affordable small business SEO packages can also help you rank higher. You can ask only for technical search engine optimization and help with creating all service related pages. This would be the most affordable small business SEO solution without any monthly retainers.

SEO help for small business owners usually comes with a monthly retainer between $1500 – $3000.

Social media marketing for small business

Social media for small business is crucial if you have a lot of clients. Regardless of whether you have a local or a global audience, you need to stay in their radar.

Social media marketing companies for small business understand that brand loyalty is a fleeting concept these days. Your competition is always working to steal your customers by offering better services or promoting their services better.

We offer social media marketing packages for a small business regardless of the size of your audience. If you think that Facebook for small business is something vital, contact us and we will help you form a strategy.

Our social media services for a small business include:

  • Creating your business specific strategy to achieve your business goals.
  • Creating a marketing calendar for posting content.
  • Facebook ads for small business promoting your services, content, and brand.

The social media management company for a small business can be a strategic partner who will set you apart from all of your competitors. Since social media won’t disappear anywhere any time soon, Facebook marketing for small business will play a vital role in your business longevity. Contact Primefunnel to get started!

Facebook marketing for small business

Facebook for small businesses isn’t always the best choice depending on the nature of the products or services. Facebook advertising for small business might be an option for direct response marketing strategies or general brand awareness campaigns.

Here are some frequently asked questions about social media marketing:

Do Facebook ads work for small business?

Facebook ads for small business work if you have accurate conversion tracking and can monitor your ad spend and return on advertising spend.

How to promote small business on Facebook?

There are countless Facebook promotion ideas for small businesses which you can find online. As a business, your main focus should not be on an individual strategy, but rather on what strategy would help accomplish your business goals. Facebook marketing ideas for small business are too numerous to mention here, so don’t get too focused on individual ideas but rather on your business goals.

Is Facebook good for small business?

Yes and No. If you want to keep your clients aware of your brand, products, and services it is a good channel. But if you want a more direct response marketing strategy Google ads might be a wiser choice.


Instagram for a small business can be an effective free platform to stay in the spotlight and grow your audience.

  1. Use Instagram stories
  2. Monitor what content gets engagements.
  3. Answer comments and communicate with your audience.
  4. Use influencers in your local area.
  5. Create business or product related videos.
  6. Use Instagram ads for promoting your services.
  7. Create contests.

Small business email marketing

Here are basic email marketing ideas for small businesses:

  • Create an email opt-in form on your website and start gathering emails from your website visitors.
  • Offer an incentive or a gift to encourage people to fill out their email. The general rule is to provide value in exchange for an email.
  • Send emails that provide value for your list. This can be information relating to your business or service.
  • Monitor how your emails are performing. You can analyze that by looking at open rates, click through rates & actions they take on your website after reading your email. This all can be set up with your CRM & Google analytics.
  • Have an email signature and use beautiful email templates. There are countless free email template builders available.

If you want to learn how to run very cost effective email marketing automation for your business I encourage you to read our mautic email marketing guide. The guide will show you how to set everything up.

Content marketing for small business

The first thing is to create a content marketing plan and a marketing calendar to schedule all of your publications. B2C and B2B content marketing are different, so you will need to decide whether you will be writing the content yourself or hire a content marketing firm.

Before you will hire a content marketing agency, you will need to keep in mind:

  • Will they write content which would be interesting for your existing audience?
  • How will they promote this content?
  • Will this be SEO content marketing which would rank in Google and Bing?
  • Will they be able to write professional content relating to your business or services? B2B Business to business content marketing might include a lot of intricacies which an average content writer would not be able to comprehend.
  • Can they form a good content marketing strategy for small businesses and fulfil it?

Small Business video marketing

Video marketing for small local businesses can be done by posting short videos on social media channels.

There are also very cheap and easy to use video content creation services which you can use to create content for your social media and video advertising campaigns. This will not require any advanced equipment or post-production.

Video marketing for your business does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Use video content creation tools and record videos yourself to get started with video content marketing.

YouTube video marketing

Benefits of video marketing for small businesses are:

  • Videos will make you stand out from your competition.
  • Video testimonials will appear more authentic.
  • Your service and business awareness will grow faster with video advertising.

Video marketing SEO

There are multiple ranking factors which you should pay attention to when publishing video content. The most important are:

  • Channel name & URL.
  • Pick the right keywords that have search volume.
  • Embed your video on your website and news articles.
  • Make it informative to increase total watch time.

Text message marketing for small business

Text messages service for businesses allows:

  • Increase reach because SMS open rate is much higher.
  • Very affordable communication with your customers.
  • Text messaging service for business is a very cost effective remarketing channel.

Picking the best small business marketing agency

Primefunnel is a full-service digital marketing agency for small businesses where we help you get more leads and customers through digital marketing.

When picking an agency to work with you need to be certain what is it that you want to achieve.

Here are frequently asked questions about marketing your small business:

What does small business advertising agency do?

A small business ad agency can be a boutique type focusing on pay per click management services. This might include only Google Ads or Facebook Ads exclusively. We at Primefunnel offer full stack digital marketing services. Even if you are looking only for PPC management we can be your small business agency.

What does seo agency for small business do?

Search engine optimization agency focuses only on helping you rank higher in search engines. Their main areas of focus are:

  • Technical search engine optimization. Where they create a website structure which takes into account all of the best practices to make your website readable for search engines.
  • On-Page search engine optimization. Where they create content, website structure relevant for your business, and use relevant keywords.
  • Off-Page search engine optimization mostly encompasses only building citations in locally relevant businesses directories. And making guest post publications in locally relevant news publications promoting and linking back to your business website.
  • Reputation management is done by the best internet marketing company for small businesses only. They entice your customers to leave positive reviews for your business in Google and local business directories such as Yelp.

How to pick the best small business marketing company?

A digital agency for small businesses does need to be the best on the market. Because most agencies perform the same tasks depending on the complexity of the marketing strategy. You might not need to look for the best fit. The only thing you need to be certain of is whether the company you are working with can perform the tasks needed to achieve your business goals.

How to pick the best small business branding agency?

Branding is about creating a story about your company, products, or services. This is different than just direct response marketing. Branding agency needs to understand human psychology and needs of your target customer. Creating a brand story is a long process which will often need to incorporate multiple marketing channels.

How to pick the best social media marketing agency for small business?

The social media management company for small business has to be able to show how much content they will be producing. They will need to develop a marketing calendar and keep it aligned with your business goals such as creating awareness for discounts and promotions.

How to pick the best small business SEO company?

Best small business marketing firms need to offer services which will be working towards your business goals. Depending on what type of business you are in the best marketing firms for small business offer services only which you need to get more leads, clients, and sales.


Now you have a list of actionable marketing strategies you can implement in your company. I would personally recommend choosing one or two channels that are suited towards reaching your goals and leverage them in the most efficient manner. To find all the implementation steps for all of them, contact a digital marketing agency of your choice and ask for help. Like in any business, quality results can be expected from experts.

If you want to get more clients and grow your business, feel free to contact us.