Ranking On Google With Content Marketing (2019)


Are you making content and getting very little traffic to it? Want to know how to drive more traffic to your site? You are in the right place.

Table of contents

  1. Over 1 Billion Blogs Published
  2. Content Is NOT King Anymore
  3. How Should I Do Content Marketing?
  4. How Should I Do Video Content?
  5. Time to take action!

Over 1 Billion Blogs Published

Currently, there are over a billion blogs circulating the almighty Internet. Yeah, you read it correctly – one blog for every 7 people on this planet. The world’s getting smaller and more digital, and it’s becoming more popular to make money through the Internet.

This leads to massive overproduction of content, especially written content such as blogs and articles. So it comes as no surprise that the number of blogs found on the web has grown 10 times in the last 5 years. Imagine that

Content Is NOT King Anymore

If you have something important to share or want to drive traffic to your site then how do you go about it? The environment is extremely competitive, and the market is over-saturated with information. Yes, content is most often regarded as king, but there are already over a million blogs on the web!

Think of a topic and it’s highly likely that Google will find an article or blog written on that topic. As you have understood by now, Google isn’t ranking your blogs and articles because it’s lacking content. Google is looking at user metrics, relevancy, authority, etc. So remember, content is NOT king anymore. Ranking in Google is a smart combination of many factors.

How Should I Do Content Marketing?

Suggestion #1

Google is not interested in old content. Why would they rank something that was written 2 years ago? They’d rather rank something that’s less than a week old.

Primefunnel-blog-New is always better

Content needs to be relevant and up to date. You should either update your old content or keep publishing new fresh material.

Suggestion #2

Stop repeating the same old information over and over again. Just have a look at this screenshot from Google when searching for “7 best sleep apps”.

primefunnel-blog-content marketing

People are tired of reading the same stuff again and again. Get creative and stand out!

Write about something that’s new and has not been seen before. This will help boost traffic to your site, you will get more social shares and a much better rank on Google.

Suggestion #3

Spend more time promoting your content than writing it. It does not matter how good of an article or blog you are going to write if no one sees it. Spend 20% of your time writing and 80% of the time promoting.

How To Promote Content?

  • Get backlinks by sending emails to all the sites and people who link to your competitor’s content. And ask them to link to your blog or article. Tell them that you noticed that they linked to an article from [your competitor’s name], and you have a similar article that covers [this, that, and also something else that the competitor’s article did not]. Make sure to send hundreds of these kinds of emails or messages out and you may get a couple of good links. Getting these links will help you immensely when your goal is to rank well in Google. Finding people who link to your competitor’s content can be found with Ahrefs.
  • Get social shares through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. Social media channels drive loads of traffic all the time. To find the people who have shared your competitor’s content, just head over to BuzzSumo, type in the title of the article, click on “View shares”, and you will see all the people who shared the article you searched for. From here, the tactic is similar to when you reached out to different sites in order to get backlinks. You will now need to reach out to all these people who shared your competitor’s article and ask them to share yours as well. But tell them why is it better and ask them if you can do anything in return for them as well in regards to sharing something.

Suggestion #4

Start creating video and audio based content. People have hectic lives. It’s no news that people read less and less these days. Therefore, you need to be different and change things up to connect with your audience.

It’s much more personal as people can get to know you and the products or services you sell better. It’s much easier for the audience to listen to a video our audio during their “busy” lives.

How Should I Do Video Content?

  • Where should I post? Absolutely everywhere. There are many great platforms that are hugely popular: YouTube, LinkedIn, even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more and more drifting towards video content.
  • How should I post? Pay attention to not share the same video on all these different platforms! If you post your video to YouTube and share it via a link to Facebook, then Facebook is not going to like it as you want to drift the users of Facebook to a different platform. Facebook wants to keep people in the newsfeed. So you need to upload the original file to every single platform.
  • How professional the content needs to be? Don’t worry about renting a studio and getting all fancy with the props and equipment. Plus, it costs money and takes up a lot of time. Of course, that does not mean you should not do it for some of your content. But most of the time make sure to keep it simple. Just bust out your phone and start recording – it may even convert better when selling a product. Another option is to use a video creation software called Lumen5 that takes text and makes it into a short subtitled video that’s perfect for social media.
  • Where should I post audio content? One of the most effective ways of doing audio content is through podcasts. Just post them to Spotify or iTunes. They are perfect for people who do not have time to read or watch a video. This is just another way to connect with your audience.

Time To Take Action!

Unfortunately, it’s not that much about content any more as Google has loads of blogs and articles from more authoritative sites to choose from. So, spend 20% of your time on making your content better than your competitor’s, and 80% of the time promoting it by asking for links and social shares. Or even better, start producing video and audio content as this kind of content is on the rise.

If you have any questions about how to do content marketing or you are looking for a partner that would fulfil the needs of your company, contact us and we will help you form a strategy.