T1 Mall of Tallinn

About the company


T1 Mall of Tallinn is of the most unique mall in Estonia overall. Starting with the shops, that you can’t find from anywhere else in Estonia and ending with Baltic’s only Ferris wheel.

“Shopping should be an experience, just like dining in an admirable restaurant or watching a great movie.”

T1’s carefully curated selection of shops has both old favourites as well as new brands and concepts unique in Estonia. Trendy Italian youth brands, global accessories hits, Scandinavian footwear makers and, of course, the crème de la crème of Estonian design.

T1 has 50+ shops, many of them not found from anywhere else in Estonia.


Our work for the company


For T1 Mall of Tallinn, we did the front-end development, including:

  • House plan
  • News section
  • Archives
  • Most of the landing pages


We focused on offering T1 customers the best way to move through the pages and find the best discounts which shops offer.