About the company



K-Pargi is an Adventure Park based in Kuressaare! The park is built on Kuressaare Health Park’s nearly 18 000m2 land.

Just few minutes from the Kuressaare center and there are :

– 5 different stages, each varying in difficulty and size.

– The total length of the stages is 600 meters.

– The reward for finishing each stage is a zip-line that’s 200 metres in total!


K-Pargi is said to be one of the best adventure parks in Estonia!


Our work for the company



For K-Pargi we did a website in 4 pages: in Estonia, English, Finnish and Russian.


The page is focused on adventurous kids and grown ups, who would like to have a nice day in the forest, climbing and having fun!


It has a convenient main page, where you can easily scroll through other subpages, which have all the info about the price list, safety rules and so on. Also it includes a gallery page, where you can also find your pictures, when you finish the adventure park.