About the company


Dagitally is a e-shop for digital products. Variety of products is huge, as it offers e-books, graphic design elements, posters, wallpapers/backrounds, fonts, music, photography, themes, videos and many more.


Dagitally is focusing on giving the buyer/customer a best product to use and for seller/merchant the credit for the hard work. They are trying to make every buyer to get the best out of the product and for every seller to make a reasonable profit out of the work.

Our work for the company



For Dagcoin we did full-stack marketing, which included:

  • Full Branding
  • UI / UX design and webpage


Full branding included the name, the logo and all around it. We put much effort into making the brand suitable for their customers. Days and weeks were put into branding and especially into colours, which were tested before-hand.


UI/UX design is suited differently – for the customer and for the merchant. We made it easy for the merchants to add products and the same for clients to buy them. The experience that you get from this site is definitely a good one and it is thought through into details.


It has been our pleasure to work with Dagitally and to help them get where they want to get.