About the company



Dagcoin is a globally accessible, easy to use cryptocurrency that is meant to be used, not traded. It features fast and affordable transactions and is available anywhere with an internet connection


Vision: to be the most used everyday cryptocurrency.

Mission: to create a stable cryptocurrency with near-instant transactions and unnoticeably low transaction fees.


Dagcoin is already being used by more than 1000+ companies all over the world and has over 290 000+ users. That means, that Dagcoin can is getting bigger and bigger every day and can actually already be used in many shops.


Our work for the company



For Dagcoin we did full-stack marketing, which included:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Full Branding
  • UI / UX design and webpage
  • Android, Mac, Windows, Linux App


We have worked with Dagcoin now for many years and regarding:


SEO –  we have ranked the page to number 1 and if “Dagcoin” is typed in, then many articles and news are coming up which has been done by us:

PPC – we set up many campaigns which have been successful through years;

branding – we hold a neutral line as one FinTech company should be presented, but made it still different from others so it would be unique and special;

design/webpage –  we have improved it through years, we have added blogs, news section and have made it really customer-friendly – so that you can easily switch through pages and actually get where you want.


It has been our pleasure to work with Dagcoin and to help them get where they want to get.