Law Firm Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide In 2019

Although it is not allowed to advertise legal professions, there are important key activities to do to maintain your reputation in the digital landscape that won’t revolve around advertising. Have you already made sure that new referrals have the confidence in contacting you and that your customers know all of the areas of your expertise?

This article helps you to have a plan that covers the following: 

  • website user experience, 
  • online reputation building to support new incoming referrals,
  • content marketing, 
  • SEO, 
  • video marketing 
  • social media 

to see results in new clientele, larger referral network, and increased brand awareness.

Are you interested in more leads for your law firm? Law firm marketing helps attorneys and lawyers to strengthen your presence in your industry for your key customers. Law firm marketing plan and marketing ideas are ideal for small law firm marketing but will help also larger teams with lead generation. 

Primefunnel digital marketing company is ideal for law firm marketing services. Specialized as a law firm marketing agency, marketing your law firm becomes a practicality to engage more leads with your attorneys and lawyers. There is no need for law firm marketing jobs once you fix law firm marketing strategies with our agency to do the marketing for your law firm.

What is law firm marketing?

Marketing for a law firm is efficient when keeping your activities professional.

  • Law firm internet marketing full services include dedicated law firm marketing consultants, who make sure your law firm marketing online is done right.
  • The key to successful online marketing is law firm website marketing.
  • As to your homepage, it is crucial to make sure your blog posts are optimised for law firm SEO marketing.

Marketing your law firm becomes a repeatable process with proven results, when you see new clients finding you, larger referral network and increased brand awareness. Digital marketing helps to create and enhance your online reputation. 

What to keep in mind in 2019?

As marketing consulting can help you extend your network of referrals, here are top tips for maintaining a strong presence for your law firm in 2019.

  • Modelling your website to enhance user experience helps your potential customers to contact you and come to the realisation that your law firm is the right one for them. 
  • When a person is already at your website, they most likely have a situation they need help with and you can provide the needed expertise.
  • Website user experience is not only important for possible new customers to contact you, but also for having a strong online reputation for supporting referrals.

Contact us, if you need assistance or free consultation to improve the user flow on your website.

Why content marketing overrules everything else?

Keeping a blog for content marketing is the ideal way how to enhance content marketing for your law firm. This is the space for you to display cases you have been working on and upcoming deals that your lawyers are closing. It most certainly helps, if you open up about your pro bono work and the sponsorship projects that you have going on. Online reputation presence is important for converting the referrals into new customers.

Top tips to enhance your online presence

Tip #1

Integral part of maintaining a strong online presence for your company is improving your search engine optimization. Taking the steps to revise your website content from this perspective allows you to steadily improve your results over time in organic search results with Google.

  • Organic search results are most popular with Google users, and paid search results are not a possibility, as it is not ethical to buy advertisement for lawyers.
  • To maximize the trustworthiness and your online reputation, make sure your website is not just a digital phonebook, but a place for your referrals to learn more about your expertise and how you can help them.
  • As clients are research-savvy, make sure your law firm has a solid online reputation presence.

If you need help in optimising your website for search engine marketing, contact us at Primefunnel and we are happy to help.

Tip #2

As YouTube is one of the top visited websites in the world, you can use this channel to introduce the experts as opinion leaders in their chosen field.

  • Video marketing increases the engaged time spent on your company website and creates a bond with your referral network.
  • It is also the possibility to go in-depth with a few chosen topics that otherwise would require long texts on your website.
  • The videos are also a great resource to share on your company social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to build more engagement with your warm audience and to expand your referral network.

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Tip #3

Both Facebook and Instagram are social media marketing on platforms that can strengthen your law firm online presence when content marketing is done the right way.

  • Show the clients the cases you’re working on, what kind of pro bono your law firm does and what your lawyers love on their spare time.

Engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

Keep it simple!

A tangible way to measure your efforts in marketing the law firm is the strength of the online presence of your law firm brand. Over time, you should see the results in new clients, larger referral network and increased brand awareness brought to the company by improving website user experience, online reputation, content marketing, SEO and video marketing with social media marketing. If you are a lawyer interested in strengthening your online presence, get in touch with us and let’s set up your online brand!