5 proven ways that will get you more leads by remarketing

You are not getting enough sales leads? Looking for a way to supplement your marketing strategy? You’re getting tons of impressions but few of them convert into clients?

You’re definitely in the right place.




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What is remarketing (retargeting) anyways and why is it useful?

Remarketing (or retargeting) is a relatively easy way to get your clients back to your website by serving your ads to them after they have already left from your website.

Did you know that usually, only 2% of web traffic converts from the first visit to your website?

Retargeting is a really useful way to convert this 98% of people back to your website and transform these leads to real clients.

Remarketing is really effective just because:

  • It targets people who are already familiar with your brand and have already shown interest in your product or service;
  • Statistics show that website visitors who are retargeted by display ads are 70% more likely to convert into customers;
  • Clients don’t feel negative about them: researches say, that 30% of consumers have a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, while only 11% feel negative about them.

But now, let’s get to these 5 steps, which will get you definitely a large amount of leads.

1# Set up remarketing campaign on Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube

These four platforms are well known for their huge amount of users as:

  • Facebook’s monthly user base is larger than China’s population and gets more than 22 billion clicks per year;
  • Google has over 500 million monthly users;
  • Instagram is used to post pictures by people all over the globe and has over 110 million clients;
  • Let’s not forget YouTube which is the most-watched video platform in the world which gets over 30 million visits per day.

So why shouldn’t you? It’s easy, quick and remarketing campaigns are in fact getting 3X more engagement than regular ads.

So where should you start? I have put together the best in-depth articles which help you to get started and for:

  1. Google remarketing use this,
  2. Facebook use this (and for Instagram this)
  3. Last but not least, for YouTube use this

They will definitely get you the most precise overview of every remarketing campaign, so go check these articles out!

2# Tag the right pages which are directly related to your marketing strategies

Every company has their own goals and targets they want to achieve. That is why it is crucial that the landing page you are tagging to goes hand-in-hand with your sights regarding your business. 

  • So if your focus is on brand awareness, then lead your potential future customer to blogs or social media platforms where people can actually remember your logo, name and the designs behind it.
  • If you are looking to sell a specific product, then make a whole retargeting campaign around one product, which you are hoping to make a big ROI and tag the page for exactly that product.
  • And for instance, if you are trying to get more leads, then remarket on a specific group of people and tag, for example, the email campaign list so you can contact them later on.

3# Push your clients to take action right now! Urgency is the key

You have definitely seen the “last-minute” and “only 1 day left” deals when you have left from some airline company’s or hotel booking page.

Such as something like this:

Sense of urgency is taking place in this remarketing campaign. FOMO (fear of missing out) just drags you into buying one of the company’s products.

This is proved tactic that actually works which is usually getting 60% more conversions (than usual ads) more wonders also on the CTR (click-through rate) side.

Definitely what you need to do, is take advantage of ad customizers, which effectively pushes your clients to buy the product. These are small code pieces, which insert countdowns to your retargeting campaign.

4# Simplicity is the key!

It’s to cut down on long explaining phrases, which are dull and just boring to read. Copywriting doesn’t have to be technical and hard to write. Instead, it should be clear and easy-reading for a customer. 

Be really precise and clear with your retargeting ad. The ad should right away say:

  • What are you offering?
  • How it is beneficial to the customer?
  • Call to action (what should the client do next)

So let’s take an example:

So for instance this remarketing ad. It says clearly:

  • What are they offering? – Infographic design e-book
  • How is it beneficial to the customer? Free templates inside
  • What should the client do next? Right corner below has a CTA “Download”

So keep it plain and simple!

5# Use numbers in the title and in the description

Most of the people are really checking the price first and then the product. Sales and discounts do sell well just because of the lowered prices. They want to know, what kind of percent they’re getting off of it and then they will tell you if really are going to buy your product.

That’s just the way it is. Numbers do work!

So once again let’s take a look of an example below:

This is a pretty good remarketing ad. First of all, it says “Meet Hotjar, #1 analytics & feedback tool…” and then they also use again numbers in the description as “join over 300,000 site owners who…” 

It just drives you to trust these statistics without even knowing, if it’s a fact. Psychologically you want to buy more, just cause others trust it and it is one of the best in the field.


You will succeed if you test, test and test… But to get started, try these tips. They really have helped us out in Primefunnel and they will definitely help you also.

So keep these simple things in mind:

  • Tag the right pages which go together with your strategy
  • Make them know that it’s urgent and they have to take action right now
  • Keep it simple!
  • Use numbers as a good selling point

If you run into any trouble please get in touch. We are happy to give you a free consultation!